Details To Include In Your Wedding Day


Details To Include In Your Wedding Day

Some of our favorite things to photograph on a wedding day are wedding day details. Think about your Pinterest board that you have saved with dress styles, dream wedding bands, invitation suites and even some of the finer details like your wedding shoes and jewelry you are wearing. We end up learning so much about our couples through these details. They make your wedding even more you, and of course we want to make sure we capture that! Check out some of our favorites:

  1. Wedding Dress & Suit: Often times brides devote a decent amount of their budget on their wedding dress. You want to feel and look your best on your wedding day, but you may only wear your dress once, then dry clean it and hope maybe one of your kids will wear it one day. We love to photograph it for you as a detail, often times displayed in your venue. We also love to capture the suit as well.
  2. Invitation Suite – Including envelopes: Invitation suites are a great way to really show the style you choose for your wedding decorations. We also love capturing your name and the date you became one. We love using envelopes to really style them in your photos.
  3. Wedding Engagement Ring & Bands: This is definitely our favorite detail. Wedding rings symbolize devotion and love, that you will cherish each other for eternity. So capturing them is a must!
  4. Additional Jewelry & Watch: We have found that the jewelry you decide to wear along with your wedding ring like a watch for the guys, or earrings and a bracelet for the girls has meaning. Whether this is something new or something that has been passed down it will hold a lot of meaning after the wedding day.
  5. Special Touches: This can include a bottle of whiskey the groom got as a gift, vow books that you wrote your vows in, your something blue, anything that holds a special value that is unique to you.

Although wedding day details may not seem important at the time, it is each little touch that makes your wedding day unique and you!

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