FAQ’s For Wedding Photography & Videography


FAQ’s For Wedding Photography & Videography

Savannah Wedding Photographer & Videographer

For most of our couples this is the first time they are planning a wedding. And with it being the first time they are planning a wedding it is often the first time they are hiring a photographer and/or videographer.

We frequently get asked a few questions and we wanted to not only include 5 questions that you might ask your wedding photography and/or videography but also give you an idea on our opinion as a wedding photographers and videographers.


1. How many hours of coverage do I need?

Most full day weddings, meaning you are having a ceremony and a traditional reception last about 8 hours from the time you are getting ready through the exit of your wedding day. We always recommend at least 8 hours of coverage unless you are not wanting your reception documented or you are having a small wedding or elopement. There are instances where we recommend increasing your coverage time, some reasons would be if you are getting ready at a different location than your ceremony and your ceremony is in a different location than your reception. You will need to include travel time between the different locations of the day so making sure to include an extra hour or two can be essential in you not having to choose one moment over another to get captured on your wedding day. We do allow you to add in extra time up to a week before your wedding day so if your timeline needs an additional hour you can add that in!

2. Do I need a second photographer/videographer?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Every professional we think has their own opinion on this. 

First things first, there are some logistical reasons you might NEED a second to capture all the details. For example if your ceremony is in one location and your reception is in another location you might want to consider hiring a second. This allows your lead photographer to capture family portraits and bride and groom portraits while their assistant goes to the reception to capture reception details before your guests are permitted to enter. Another good example is if your getting ready locations are a significant distance from each other it might be a good idea to also hire a second so one photographer is with the bride and the other with the groom.

Photography wise, if your photography feels within the time you have them hired they are able to capture everything, most likely you won’t need one. There is plenty of time to capture different angles and capture all the moments of the day with just one photographer, so needing a second for angles isn’t too valid except for maybe a first kiss or first look. Often times seconds cost additional money within your budget, so if you are running low you probably don’t need one.

When it comes to videography we actually recommend you really consider it. Having slightly different angles for different parts of the day like a first look or video of the grooms face while the bride walks down the aisle and a bride and she is walking towards her groom can make a wedding film all the more special!

3. When and how should I expect to receive my final product?

Every company is different but at the same time a lot of companies have similar ways of delivering the final gallery. We deliver our photo gallery through an online link where you are able to view, download high-res and share the link with friends and family to view as well. 

For videography we do something similar. We have an online system that we upload the video to, then you can download it directly from the link we need out just like photos. We always upload your wedding film to our YouTube channel as well so you are able to easily share that with friends and family and share to social media.

4. Are there advantages of booking you as both our photographer and videographer?

We are a little biased but yes… there are advantages of booking a photographer and videographer together if you can. Photographers and videographers essentially capture the same moments. Although we don’t think this is a deal breaker in any way when hiring a photographer or videographer having one that have already or do already work together can make a big difference, especially when it comes to the amount of time it takes to capture moments like your bride and groom portraits.

5. How would you describe your editing style?

We shoot for the lighting. We wouldn’t describe ourselves as bright and airy or dark and moody but rather somewhere in between. We love vibrant imagery that really pops, highlighting the subject but also bringing out the scenery behind the image too.

6. Do you travel?

Yes, and we absolutely love to travel. We do charge travel fees for traveling over 100 miles from our location. When it comes to hiring a wedding videographer and/or photographer though it is so worth it to work with the person you trust and love!

7. Do you have a backup system for our wedding images and film?

Your wedding photos and film are just as important to us as it is you. We currently run a dual card system within our camera just in case of a card malfunction. Once the wedding is over we upload your photos and film to an external hard drive system that also has a backup system.

8. What is your booking process?

After you decide to book with us we send over a contract and deposit to book your wedding date with us. After we get a signed contract and invoice paid we will send out a little questionnaire to get to know you and go ahead and pick a date for your engagement session. Throughout the process we like to check in with you to see how your wedding planning is going and are happy to send some recommendations for other vendors you might be looking for. About 2 months before your wedding day we send out a questionnaire and will work with you and/or your wedding planning to create a photography timeline so we can capture your day the best we can! After your wedding day we will deliver your final wedding gallery within 4-6 weeks and your film will be completed and sent over before 12 weeks.

9. What happens if you are sick on our wedding day? *More recent addition

In the case that we become ill or unable to capture your wedding day we will find a comparable professional to photograph or film your wedding day. We will then take over the editing process just like normal.

ONLY Videography Questions

1. Can I purchase the RAW footage?

Currently, no we do not deliver RAW footage. We have gone back and forth with this for awhile but after much thought we honestly don’t think you would want it! We shoot in a format that creates a very flat video file. The audio is being connected through the camera, sometimes the camera is close and sometimes it is set up further away for a wider shot. We take clips throughout the day for the final film, so we don’t usually have a camera running throughout the entire day anyways. Instead we created some add-ons like a full ceremony edit, full speeches edit and full dances edit to add to your film. If you are going to spend money on something make it edited film!

2. Can I be included in selecting the music?

To an extent. We love getting your feedback, afterall it is your wedding day but we typically do not take specific requests for music just an idea… selecting the music for any film is really part of the creative process. Instead of going in with a script and plan like a movie, we are capturing candid and real moments of your wedding day. Sometimes your day plays out in a more romantic and emotional day, sometimes it is a fun and upbeat day and sometimes it is both. We select music to go with how your day plays out.

3. How do you decide what moments get captured and selected to put in a wedding film?

You are a HUGE part of the pre-planning process. Although we want to capture the day for what it was, we also want to make sure we know what moments in your wedding are most important, whether that is your ceremony, the vows you are giving or the reception, we want to ensure that we work with you before your wedding day.

ONLY Photography Questions

1. How many photos should I expect to receive?

This is always a really tough one for us to answer because every wedding is different. We average around 150 images an hour, but we almost always over deliver because we want to make sure you have all the best images for your memories!

2. Are the photos print released?

Yes, our contracts allow you to print images on your own.

3. Do you recommend an engagement session?

Yes, we love getting a chance to work with you before your wedding day. Not only does it allow you a chance to get to know us, but it also makes photos on your wedding day so much more fun and enjoyable now that you know what to expect.

4. Do you accept a shot list for our wedding day?

No we do not accept a shot list. We do accept a family photos list of photos of your family that you would like captured but other than that we are there to capture the day. If there is something special going on you want to make sure we capture just let us know! We do our best to capture all the moments of your wedding day but we have found that taking those moments candid instead of planned turn out better every time. 



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