Mackey House Wedding | Mary & Rob


Mackey House Wedding | Mary & Rob

Mary and Rob got married just before Christmas. They had decor and a color scheme that went so well with The Mackey Houses Christmas decorations.

What are you most looking forward to on the day?
I am most looking forward to the getting ready/first looks. I also am looking forward to the first dances, and when we say our vows.
What inspired your wedding decor? Did you have a theme or feeling in mind?
I am wanting to give warm and magical feel with the wedding decor. The feeling I have in mind would just be just tons of love.
Why did you pick the venues that you chose?
Honestly, I have been quite obsessed with this venue because it captures both the outdoorsy vibe of the trees and yet it isn’t in the wilderness, still has that homey feel.
What is your favorite feature about your wedding venue?
The dinner area where the fireplace is outside and how we can transition up to the deck for party time
Is there any particular vendor that you are really excited to have for your day?
Honestly the photos and video, but outside of that it would be the florist
Tell us about the food/drink at your wedding.
Drink- there will be a welcome cocktail at the start of the wedding and an open bar throughout the rest. Food- buffet style. we will be getting our plates first to get a head start. there will be food served at cocktail hour as well (charcuterie and caprese salad bites). dinner- chicken, prime rib, roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables and salad
Which part of your wedding did you want to WOW your guests?
Besides the part where I walk down the aisle haha I hope to wow the guests with our choreographed first dance.
Are there any unique or fun details you want to add that you are having on your day?
Thinking about doing a late snack option. we have a neon sign that we are getting. we will be incorporating fun facts about us through our guest seating.
DJ: Dave at The Mackey House
Catering: Georgia Restaurant Ventures
Wedding Dress Boutique: The Bridal Suite in Pensacola



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