Perry Lane Wedding | Leila & Collin


Perry Lane Wedding | Leila & Collin

Leila and Collin are some of the most genuine people you will meet. We knew that the first time we met them during one of their visits in town and it truly showed hearing their guests talk about the stories they have with them as well. We were so honored to capture their wedding day, here is just a preview of their wedding day!


What are you most looking forward to on the day?

FINALLY saying, “I do” and celebrating with our closest family and friends! We will be seeing a lot of people we don’t often get to see and it will be a reunion of sorts for so many. And, the DANCING! We can’t wait to get down on the dance floor with everyone!


What inspired your wedding decor? Did you have a theme or feeling in mind?

We kind of let the venue do the talking on this one… The views and Art Deco feel of Perry Lane require minimal additional decoration, however the small pieces we will incorporate and the invitation suite are leaning more on the Art Deco style to match the charm of the hotel and venue space.


Why did you pick the venues that you chose?

From the second we pulled up to the valet at Perry Lane, we received the highest quality of service and kindness and entering the main lobby we were greeted with that same service and kindness. The hotel and the venue spaces just took our breath away and offered something different than we had been seeing throughout Savannah, but still also held the charm of Savannah. It didn’t just feel like a place we thought our guests would be happy with. It felt like OUR place. And their pricing is very reasonable, as well, which is a big help

What is your favorite feature about your wedding venue?

The views from the rooftop decks and ballroom!
Tell us about the food/drink at your wedding.

We went with a mix of traditional and Southern fare to entice all pallets. We have a mixture of passed hors d’oeuvres, and 2 beautiful salads, with the guests’ choice of chicken or GA White Shrimp and Grits. And of course, cake! Drinks will beer and wine only for the adults.

Which part of your wedding did you want to WOW your guests?

Honestly, we think just getting off of the elevators and onto the terrace will provide that, “WOW” factor. The light show should also be a cool surprise for everyone.


Are there any unique or fun details you want to add that you are having on your day? 

We will have a special chair “Reserved” for the bride’s late father, which will have a photo of him and maybe a sign and candle or something of that nature. We will also have a special memorial table for the family we have lost, and will miss on our special day. For something cute, we have a wooden figurine of a girl and boy ghost hugging and holding a Jack o’ Lantern, that we will put on the sweethearts table as a nod to getting married in the most haunted city, in October.



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