Why Hire A Photo & Video Team


Why Hire A Photo & Video Team

I am sure you can tell and know that we do both photography and videography. But it didn’t start that way. Back in 2017 after getting married ourselves, I decided to try out photographing people. Turns out I loved it! And like I’m sure most aspiring photographers in Savannah, I also decided to try out weddings! Because why not! I loved it and never looked back. Fast forward a few years… Randy and I decided let’s try out the idea of offering videography as well. After all it was the one thing we regretted not having at our own wedding. Turns out we equally loved capturing weddings through films… but for very different reasons. 

So why am I going through all of this? Well it turns out that capturing a wedding through photography and videographer are very different. Photography is based on stills. And capturing those moments candidly for a still. But videography is all about motion and movement. Capturing those same moments can sometimes be approached in very different ways. 

So if you’re thinking of hiring a photography and videography team, let me tell you why you should!

  1. Easy Booking Process. The most obvious… having just one vendor. That means your timeline planning, wedding day chats, questionnaire, etc. is only going to be coming from one company. Along with all the other things such as your retainer and final payment, contract, etc. 

  2. We are a TEAM! Having a team! Imagine capturing the same moments, getting the best angles, being time efficient and making a rather important (and sometimes a little stressful) day seamless but doing that with a stranger. If you don’t have a team working together sometimes there are negative consequences. Those can include the videography in your photographers shots or vice versus the photographer in videographers clips. Having to redo moments that should have just been candid and natural because your vendors aren’t aligned on their timelines. Having a photographer that shoots flash only resulting in having your film include flashing throughout the footage. Having your videographer always standing up close, resulting in either a frustrated photographer or only certain focal shots in your gallery. The list can go on to be honest! As we have heard, your vendor team is only as strong as the weakest link… it only takes one vendor to throw off everyones day!

  3. Similar Editing Style. If style is important to you then hiring a photo/video team is a must! Photo/video teams for the most part (although we can’t speak for them all) edit in a similar fashion to produce a similar end result. That doesn’t just include the color/edit but also the posing style too.

  4. Posing for both. As mentioned above videography is all about movement and motion. After shooting both photography and videography on a wedding day we have to really understand how posing can work best for photography and videography together. Meaning we aren’t taking your portrait time and practically splitting it between the two services. We are using posing that will work in both of our favors.
  5. We have a common goal. We see so often moments ruined by a photographer or videographer because the two aren’t working toward their common goal. Sometimes that is because they are so focused on their own service and other times they feel they are fighting for time to do their own thing. One huge advantage to hiring a team for photo and video is the ability to work together toward a common goal. We are delivering your gallery and your film so ensuring that we work together to capture the most stunning images but also storytelling footage is of the upmost importance. Letting moments breathe is so important with weddings and can end up being key moments that play out authentically for wedding films. An important moment is the first look. Not interrupting to move on to the next thing on the list of todos but just letting that moment breathe for awhile until our couples are looking for guidance on what should come next.

  6. Pricing Advantage. If you are looking for a similar quality in photography and videography, booking them together is often a place you can even save money. Booking services together will result in a little bit cheaper pricing then if you were to search for two individual businesses. Although it can seem like a lot at once just remember you are booking two different services!


If you now have any additional questions about working with a photo and video team just reach out through our contact form! We are always happy to help!

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