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Aligned Vision | Cohesive Style | Client-Focused Approach


Authentically capturing the memories you cherish most, while looking out for you with passion & care.

That’s what we want to be known for. AND HERE’S HOW WE AIM TO DO THAT:


​​​​​​​a balanced duo

When we got married in 2017, we opted not to include cinematography, which is one of our biggest regrets. So, after photographing weddings for over a year, we chose to add cinematography. Today, unlike other specializing in photo OR cinema, Hilary specializes in photo and Randy specializes in cinema.

We each bring different strengths, perspectives, and creative skills —Randy with his analytical and technical approach. And Hilary, with her intentional and emotional point of view. Plus, we each devote time and energy to continued education, consistently learning new techniques for creating timeless and natural imagery and cinema. All while improving and perfecting old ones.

Overall, you can be sure your images and wedding film will have the perfect balance of technical excellence and beautiful emotion.


​​​​​​​a natural comfort

As we see it, you deserve to have the time of your life with your favorite people. And incredible photos and cinema to remember it! This is why we’ll prepare ahead of time by thinking through specific directions and poses that will make you most comfortable. And we’ll do everything we can to protect you from the production of the wedding.

With a thorough yet flexible photography timeline and a you-focused approach, we’ll create an environment that makes you feel and look good. Then we’ll stand back, recognize the moments, and let things happen naturally while we capture it for you.


Instead of sticking to a predetermined list or overused template, we approach your day with a custom plan and fresh ideas- based on your vision, vibe, and personalities.

From the start we’ll spend intentional time forging a connection with you. We’ll be a helpful resource to you throughout the planning process. And we’ll listen to and involve your perspective and ideas.

When your day arrives, we won’t feel like strangers or outsiders. Instead, we’ll feel like old friends {with expensive cameras} who know enough about you and your family to fully understand what’s important—and precisely how to capture it! 

Does this sound like you? Inquire with us.


a collaborative approach

our favorite things:


places i've been

All the islands of Hawaii have been a magical place for us. We also hold a special place in our heart for Asheville and Colorado. 


guilty pleasure

Trying to tropical destinations. This past year we spent the summer traveling to 3 of the Hawaiian Islands and the Coast of California.



Spending time outside with our daughter looking for all the beautiful different types of flowers.



We love trying new cuisines, and can't say we have a favorite but we love a good poke bowl or fresh seafood.



These three, Harper, Benny & Riley. Our little girl and two golden retrievers.


part of my job

The moment the ceremony ends, the stress is gone and our couples realize they are officially married.

"Hilary and Randy are very professional and organized.
And made sure I got everything I wanted!

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