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Should you hire a wedding photographer and cinematographer team?

April 3, 2024

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As you start planning your wedding day there will become a time where you start to look through wedding photographer and cinematographers to capture your wedding day. Whether you are finding some options on your own through social media or searching or you are getting recommendations from your wedding planner, a friend or family member you might run into a company that offers both services.

Not all businesses are created equal, and sometimes hiring a team that does both can mean you might be hiring one that is really strong at one service and the other service is just mediocre. But not all businesses are like that. Sometimes you will find a business that excels at both, because both of the leads specialize in their service. This company has taken two people who are passionate about what they do and they come together to create one incredible service.

Aside from this we have found that there are some amazing benefits of working with a team versus hiring separate companies for both… and they don’t include finances or costs!

Cohesive style.

As a wedding photographer and cinematographer team we strive to create a cohesive style between our photographs and films. This goes from the editing, colors, feels and posing styles. We spend time crafting our work together through each update and change that we make. You will be delivered a wedding gallery and film that just go together, just like your florals go with the rest of your wedding design.

We work together regularly.

Although you can find a photographer and cinematographer that have worked together before, we choose to work together and enjoy working together. Your wedding day team works together as one on your wedding day. And your photographer and cinematographer are essentially working side by side throughout the day. By hiring the same company you are ensuring you have a team that works well together and knows each others preferences so each can capture the day to their fullest potential.

Less work for you.

Hiring just one company means less work for you. Only one contract and invoice, only one questionnaire, one pre-planning call and the same timeline for both services.

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